Our Favorite Links


Our favorite exciting things happening in Holyoke and the people who are making them happen

CRUSH Holyokes social network with a purpose

MIFA Holyoke based arts promoter and Victory theatre lovers like us. 

Nuestras Raices  Farming, community gardening and so many more wonderful things, all right here in Holyoke. Get down to the farm and buy and eat  local veggies. Lots of them!

 City Councilor Rebecca Lisi A blog from one of Holyoke's newest at large council members.

City Councilor Kevin Jourdain Another  blog regarding all things city council related. Very factual and lots of good links to city government. Interesting poll

Holyoke Sun newspaper Getting so much better all the time

Holyoke Unites/Holyoke se Une a "coalition of coalitions". We are interested and excited by what this could mean for Holyoke.

ramblingvandog the blog pithy and current Holyoke news and photos by our friend and co-conspirator Peter