Why we Trash Bash

We cleaned this alley at the request of neighbors. Photo by Vandog
After spending time complaining about street litter, cleaning up in front of our houses, and also participating in the yearly city-wide clean-up events organized by Mayor Sullivan, United Water/Suez (formerly Aquarion) and the City of Holyoke, a few of us decided to take a bit more action to deal with the nuisance of trashy streets and alleys. We formulated a simple plan: meet on Wednesdays at 6 pm on the corner of our block and spend an hour or two collecting trash. 

So far, the response has been great: we have had children running towards us and our trash bags, eager to throw something in, we have had fellow residents spontaneously pick up in front of their houses, and we have had people stop by in their cars to express gratitude and encouragement.

The Trash Bash has also been a great way to hang out with all the awesome Holyokers we have met in the last 5 years. In total over 100 people have come to the Trash Bash in the last year. Some came once, some twice, some every week. Its all good!!!

 The Holyoke Department of Public Works supplied us with 400 trash bags last year, and we go around with a couple of rolling bins to make our work a bit easier.

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